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I'm Katie Kang -- owner, stager, and designer. Modern Mollusk seems to have both appeared out of thin air and been a long time coming. I love interior design, the satisfaction of looking at a beautiful space that I have created, and the feelings of peace and harmony I have when spending time in them. I'm so excited to work with you to bring these feelings to your living spaces, either for you or potential home buyers to appreciate. 

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My Story

Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed decorating, rearranging furniture, and relaxing in a clean, well appointed room. I designed homes for my Barbies and spent hours and hours playing The Sims on the family computer, using the infamous "rosebud" cheat to become rich enough to build and decorate dream home after dream home. In college, I opted for the practical and versatile major of Business (Marketing), then worked for a large manufacturing company for ten years. The skills I learned there were invaluable, but the right side of my brain was mostly neglected. After a six year "break" from my career, during which I honed a completely different (but equally invaluable) set of skills as a stay at home parent, I decided to pursue a more creative career that also utilized my knowledge and experience in business and marketing. Thus, Modern Mollusk was born!

You may be wondering what mollusks have to do with staging and interior design. Let me enlighten you! Octopuses, which have the highest brain-to-body weight ratios of all the invertebrates, engage in various daily tasks to keep themselves occupied and happy. One of these activities just happens to be home decorating! Indeed, octopuses collect and display various objects (shells, stones, and whatever other shiny trinkets they can find) inside and sometimes outside their dens. It tickles me pink to think about an octopus gathering up interesting things to zhush up their home, for no other apparent reason aside from personal enjoyment. For more information, check out this article. I also highly recommend the award-winning documentary, My Octopus Teacher.


Katie Kang

Modern Mollusk

Everett, WA

Tel 425-470-5350


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